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René Cera - An Artist Who's Time Has Come!

Delivered messages to Renoir and sketched with Matisse

René Alexandre Paul Cera was born in Nice, France on April 15, 1895. He delivered messages to Renoir, sketched with Matisse and painted for Marshall McLuhan in Canada. A decorated war veteran, he trained at the Nice School of Art.

Cera moved to Canada in 1928 to head the T. Eaton Company's Architectural Design area and stayed for 32 years. Throughout this period he created many futuristic canvases that now grace embassies, banks, schools and other public buildings both in Canada and the United States. He died in 1992 and his ashes were sprinkled in the Seine River, France at a spot where he once painted. (The Artist)

These unique canvasses reflect Cera's gift of inspiration - his use of colour and shapes to create disturbance and vibrancy. (His Art)

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